Do Dachshunds Need Another Dog For Company?

We all know that dogs are social creatures. They need companionship and love, just like we do. But what about dachshunds? Do they need another dog for company, or can they be just as happy being the only pooch in the house? Keep on reading to find out the answer to do dachshunds need another dog, for company?

Do Dachshunds Need Another Dog For Company?

Dachshunds are a playful and friendly breed, but they can be lonely without another dog to keep them company. Some people think that dachshunds need another dog for companionship, while others believe that the dogs are happy without one.

It really depends on the individual dachshund and how much interaction he or she enjoys with other animals. If your dachshund is mainly home alone, then adding a second pet may not be necessary.

What do dachshunds need?

Dachshunds are extremely social dogs and can often become lonely when left alone. Adding another dog to the home may help keep the dachshund busy and entertained, and can also provide companionship. Some dachshunds may not enjoy being around other animals, however, so it is important to choose a companion wisely.

Why do dachshunds need another dog for company?

Dachshunds are a type of small dog that was bred in Germany. They were originally used as working dogs, specifically for hunting badgers and other burrowing rodents. However, today, many people keep dachshunds as pets because they are so adorable and entertaining!

One of the reasons why dachshunds need another dog for company is because they have a very low threshold of energy. This means that they will get tired quickly if left alone, which can be problematic if you work or go to school full time. A second dog can help regulate the dachshund’s energy and make them less likely to get into mischief when you’re not around.

Finally, being around another dog can also provide a social element for your Doxie friend. Many times, dogs become neglected or lonely when their human family members are away at work or school all day long. Adding another canine friend to your life can help combat this problem and keep your doggie mentally active too.

Do Dachshunds Need Another Dog For Company?

How can you tell if a dachshund is lonely?

One way to tell if a dachshund is lonely is to watch their behavior. If they are constantly looking for someone to play with, they may be feeling lonely. Another way to tell is to listen to their heart rate. If it is consistently high, this may also be a sign that they are lonely.

Are dachshunds good with other dogs?

Dachshunds are typically good with other dogs, but there are a few things to keep in mind. First, make sure the other dog is also properly socialized and has been trained not to nip at or try to chase the dachshund.

Second, be sure to give each dog plenty of time alone together so that they can get to know each other. Finally, be sure to monitor the interactions between the dogs and be prepared to intervene if necessary.

Do dachshunds need another dog for company?

Dachshunds are social animals and need companionship. If a dachshund is left alone for long periods of time, it may become depressed and develop behavioral problems. Additionally, a dachshund that is lonely may become destructive or aggressive.

A dachshund that is the only dog in the household may become anxious and lonely. A healthy dachshund can be happy living with one or two other dogs, but if there are no other dogs in the home, a dachshund may need to be adopted from a shelter or rescue organization.

How much exercise do dachshunds need?

Dachshunds are known for being very playful and active. However, if a dachshund is left alone for extended periods of time, it may become bored and destructive.

There are several ways to lessen the chances that a lonely dachshund will become destructive: be sure to provide enough exercise, play with the dog regularly, socialize the dog with other animals, and give the dog toys that can keep him occupied.

do dachshunds get lonely?

What are the best dog breeds for companions for dachshunds?

Dachshunds were bred to be companions and lapdogs, so they can get lonely if they don’t have another dog around. In the wild, dachshunds would usually herd together and live in packs.

So having a canine companion can help reduce their anxiety and loneliness. Some of the best breeds for dachshunds are boxers, golden retrievers, Boston terriers, border collies, Welsh corgis, and bulldogs.

How can you provide companionship for a dachshund?

There are a few ways that you can provide companionship for a dachshund. One way is to get another dog and have the two of them play together. Another way is to keep a journal and write about your dachshund’s adventures, thoughts, and feelings. Providing plenty of quality human-quality time with your dachshund will help him feel loved and important.


In conclusion, do dachshunds need another dog for company? While they may enjoy the company of another dog, it is not necessary. Dachshunds are very independent and can get along just fine on their own. If your dachshund does not seem to be getting along well with other dogs, consider getting a second dog to keep them company.