Why Do Dachshunds Cry So Much?

If you own a dachshund, chances are you’ve been frustrated by their incessant crying. But why do they do it? Is there anything you can do to stop it? If you’d like to know why do dachshunds cry so much, keep on reading to find out all about why the breed is so prone to crying, and what we can do to try and persuade them to stop it.

Why Do Dachshunds Cry So Much?

What is the crying sound like for a dachshund?

Dachshunds are a breed of dog that is known for its unique crying sound. This sound is actually made up of two parts – a high-pitched yelp and a low-pitched whine. Dachshunds typically cry for a variety of reasons, including when they are feeling lonely, when they are feeling scared, or when they are feeling frustrated.

Why Do Dachshunds Cry So Much?

So, why do dachshunds cry so much? It’s not just a matter of being emotional dogs. There are actually specific reasons why these little fur balls cry so often. Here’s a look at the top five:

They’re Very Nervous Dogs

Dachshunds were bred in Germany to be hunting dogs. As such, they’re naturally very wary and jumpy creatures. This can make them feel anxious and unsettled, which can lead to tears when they’re stressed out or excited.

They’re Loyal Companions

Dogs that cry often tend to be loyal companions who enjoy spending time with their owners. When you see your dachsie upset, it may be because something is wrong at home or nearby – even if you don’t know what it is! Crying alerts you to possible danger, making your dog feel more secure overall.

Why Do Dachshunds Cry So Much?

They Love Feeling Loved

Dachshunds are known for being extremely loving animals who love nothing more than spending time cuddled up next to their families. When they’re upset, crying allows them to communicate how they feel without having to speak directly (or fight). Crying helps relieve stress and builds relationships between people and their pets in a way that no other language can quite match.

How to Stop Your Dachshund From Crying

If you have a dachshund, and you’re noticing that they’re crying more than usual, there are a few things you can do to help them feel better. One of the most common reasons why dachshunds cry is because they’re lonely.

If you can get your dachshund involved in activities with other dogs or humans, they’ll likely stop crying. Another thing you can do is provide them with toys that they can play with on their own.

Toys that make noise or have textures will keep them entertained. If all of these things don’t work, you may need to take your dachshund to the vet to rule out any medical issues.

When Is It Normal for a Dachshund to Cry?

There is no universal answer to this question, as it depends on a number of factors, including the individual dachshund’s personality and how they were raised.

However, some common causes of Dachshund tears include frustration, anxiety, separation anxiety, boredom or simply being in a new environment. In most cases, however, crying should not be taking its toll on your dog’s overall health and should eventually stop on its own. Here are a few tips to help:

  • If your dachshund is exhibiting signs of distress (crying for more than 30 minutes each day and losing weight), consult with a vet to rule out any underlying medical conditions that may be causing the issue.
  • Try Giving Your Dog Something To Do: Periodically divert your dog’s attention by providing them with some physical activity (a Kong toy or an interactive game) to occupy their energy and keep them from dwelling on their negative emotions. This will also help teach them how to self-soothe in stressful situations in the future.
  • Correct Future Behavior: if you see your dachshund crying excessively even when there’s nothing specific bothering them, try disciplining yourself for reacting emotionally every time your pet cries rather than waiting for something bad to happen before punishing them – this will help embed good behavior into their routine subconsciously.

Why Do Dachshunds Cry So Much?

What Might Cause My Dachshund To Start Excessive Crying?

There are many possible reasons why a dachshund might start crying excessively. Some common causes of crying in dachshunds include separation anxiety, boredom, fear, illness, and injury. If you’re noticing that your dachshund is crying more than usual, it’s important to consult a veterinarian to rule out any underlying health problems. In the meantime, here are some tips to help reduce your dachshund’s crying:

  1. Provide plenty of stimulation – A bored or anxious dachshund will often cry out for attention. Provide your dog with plenty of toys, games, and activities to keep them occupied and happy.
  2. Be patient – Crying is a natural response to feeling scared or stressed. It’s important not to react negatively to your dog’s crying, as this will only make the situation worse. Instead, calmly offer comfort and reassurance.
  3. Keep a close eye on your dachshund – If you notice that your dog is crying excessively for no apparent reason, take them to see a veterinarian as soon as possible. It may be that they have an illness or injury that needs treatment right away.


While it may be normal for a dachshund to cry occasionally, excessive crying can be a sign of a health problem. If your dachshund starts excessively crying, you should take them to the vet to rule out any potential health issues. If no health problems are found, you may need to try different methods of training or behavior modification to help stop the excessive crying.